Jordi Greenham: How to present to investors in 2021?

Faced with an unstable scenario, it is best to have a strategy for action. What elements should be taken into account when seeking capital for a startup?
¡60 segundos y estás contratado!
¡60 segundos y estás contratado!

The pandemic brought with it a scenario of doubt, which has caused certain companies and investors, in particular, to decide to take a more reserved attitude towards the market. In contrast, there are sectors, such as medical research and technology, that are growing as fast as the interest they arouse.

But, regardless of the current scenario, there are some essential points to consider in order to propose something interesting to potential investors. 

Facing the big picture

It can be tempting to present our project as a great promise of millions to come. Whether this is true or not, time and decisions will show the way. For now, the best thing to do is to be realistic about the initial scope of your startup. On the one hand, it is necessary to be clear about the indispensable conditions to start operating, so that all resources can be optimized by themselves; on the other hand, it is more than urgent to know the market you want to enter.

What is the best model?

What works for some does not necessarily work for others. Do you need to fill highly specialized positions? It is worth taking the above into account, not only to arouse interest in third parties; awareness of our processes leads to a good performance outwardly. 

What differentiates one startup from another, how do you plan to use the capital raised? A strong case is backed by verifiable data. All the more reason, in times of uncertainty, every investor appreciates a solid foundation on which to build. 

Who has been there before?

It is a common mistake to think of innovation as antagonistic to the past, when in fact one feeds off the other. Over time, companies, like people, mature ideas and take note of the failures that concern them. Looking at such lists can be a good guide as to how to move forward in the future. 

How has the market changed?

Examples from the past allow us to approach the present effectively: what are the conditions today, which brands have ceased to exist, which ones have emerged? Understanding how the context has changed allows us to map where we stand with respect to our adjacent market. 

As a complementary consequence of this analysis, there is also the opportunity to show a third party the value of our product, what makes it attractive. Loyalty and retention speak for themselves. 

Back to basics

Establishing a human connection, not surprisingly, is key to the whole business. Beyond the right way to make a presentation, whether online or in person, we are talking about creating the conditions for the parties to enter each other’s world. For this, technology can be useful. Define communication channels and try to relate individually with each of the interested parties. Distance does not make it impossible to create a close human experience. 

In this sense, it is best not to expect quick answers, a “yes” or a “no”. On the contrary, an investor prefers to witness how an idea is sold. Most venture capitalists consider the proposal’s ability to generate long-term returns before putting money into it. It is true that global conditions have changed in recent months, leading to a more accessible path, apparently. The constant, even during a pandemic, is identifying opportunities to convince investors that your company not only represents a need in today’s market but is capable of long-term success. 

Jordi Greenham

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